Know More About the Signs That Your Garbage Disposal is Malfunctioning

Whether you agree or not but it is your garbage disposal that helps you keep your kitchen sink clean and running smoothly; however, this appliance can malfunction too, so it is important to know the common signs that reveal that your garbage disposal is malfunctioning. Just a minor problem in the garbage disposal can create a whole menace in your kitchen and can make it a nightmare to wash dishes and prepare food too; such is the importance of a garbage disposal that helps removing unwanted and leftover food from the kitchen. In this article, you will learn about some common signs that your garbage disposal is malfunctioning:

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Foul Smells: The top most sign that reveals that a garbage disposal device is malfunctioning is when there is a foul smell coming out of it. It is a fact that our nose works more efficiently than our eyes and perhaps this is the reason that we can state that the fault in a garbage disposal may be hard to see but easier to smell. This foul smell can be due to some large food pieces stuck somewhere in the disposal device.

Weird Noises: One of the other signs that your garbage disposal is malfunctioning
is when a weird noise is heard when they are functioning. Whenever, you hear such an unusual noise, make sure to switch off the device immediately. This problem can arise when a small utensil gets stuck in the disposal or a blade has got loosen inside the assembly.

Water Leakage: Another common way to detect some problem in your garbage disposal is when you notice some water leakage either below the whole assembly or in the assembly. You can easily see if your kitchen floor starts getting wet all of a sudden then probably your garbage disposal has a leakage problem that needs to be checked at the earliest.

Jammed Disposal: You can detect signs that your garbage disposal is malfunctioning when you find that it is jammed altogether. The most common reason for this can be that some food has lodged inside the disposal that is not making its way out to come out of the disposal. The best solution to deal this problem is to call a trained plumber and get your garbage disposal checked thoroughly.

No Power: Lastly, even a child can confidently say that a garbage disposal is not working when it is unable to switch on. In other words, you can easily detect that there is a need to repair when your garbage disposal doesn’t turns on. To solve this problem try to reset the button but if it doesn’t starts even then, calling a technician is the best way out to deal this problem. Make sure not to try other methods to repair your disposal, because it can do further damage to your device, just wait for a professionally trained plumber to repair it.