Understand the Maintenance Tips for Your Washer and Dryer in Toronto

Gone are the days people had time to wash the laundry by hand, nowadays most of the women are working and the only solution is using a washer and dryer. These washing machines can really do magic when it comes to get spotless and clean clothes after every wash but if not maintained properly, the same machines can be a real headache and increase your daily work load. So, here is a complete guide with useful maintenance tips for your washer and dryer.

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1. Before and After Every Wash: First of all, acquaint yourself with some useful maintenance tips for your washer and dryer that you must follow before and after every wash in your washer and dryer. Make sure that the washing machine is properly placed on the floor. After every wash, clean the door and lint filter to prevent mold. Choose the detergent wisely according to the machine and load. Make sure to remove the wet or damp clothes immediately from the washer in order to prevent mold formation. Also, try to check the hose lines for any leakages and the drainage pipe for more efficiency.

2. Avoid Using Excessive Detergent: If you think the more detergent you will use the cleaner your clothes will be after every wash in your washer and dryer then you are in a great disillusion. Avoid using excessive detergent in these machines instead wash small loads using less quantity of detergent for better results. Excessive detergent will not clean but damage the quality of your clothes, so simply use only prescribed amount in the washing machine manual. This is just one of the maintenance tips for your washer and dryer.

3. Don’t Overload: Another helpful maintenance tip for your washer and dryer is that you should never try to overload it. Overloading these machines not only put more pressure on the motor but will also not clean the clothes properly. There will be difficulty in spinning the clothes and as a result, more water and electricity will be wasted with no good results at the end. No matter, how heavy load machine you have, try that you do not over load it, for better cleaning results.

4. Cleaning The Interiors Regularly: Most importantly, it is very essential to clean the interiors of the washer and dryer after every wash. Pay special attention to the dryer and clean the lint filter because accumulation of lint in it can prevent air flow of the machine when it is working and it may even make your clothes dirty during the wash. Simply clean the lint filter using a soapy solution and toothbrush.
5. Select the Washing Machine Settings Wisely: Lastly, while you wash your clothes in a washer and dryer, pay attention to its settings and choose the one that best suits your lot of clothes as per your daily requirement. For instance, choosing a jeans hard wash setting will be a torture for washing your soft and gentle blankets. Also, choose the water level according to the load in your machine to enable it work efficiently.